House lifting or moving is used to refer to the process where a home is raised, to create space for expansion, addition of an extra floor, or to simply raise it from the ground. The process indeed has numerous benefits ranging from flood prevention and is cheaper compared to moving. It can be quite challenging and even damaging if the right house lifting contractor is not contracted. The process allows endless possibilities in regards to improving the overall outlook of your home alongside increasing its value.

Before settling for a specific house lifting contractor, you would want to consider the fact that it involves your safety and that of your family. House lifting will indeed play a role in the structure’s future stability and strength and you do not want a contractor that puts your well being in jeopardy. However, there is a flipside to the coin as a professional house lifting contractor in Sayville can indeed improve the structure’s stability besides making it more alluring. All said, finding the right contractor serves as the paramount factor in all this.


House Lifting
House Lifting
House Lifting

House Lifting and Moving

House lifting also proves to be quite affordable in the point that you do not have to build a new structure while moving to another location. It is also a fact that most people get attached to their homes and moving to a new location can be indeed hard. This can be avoided by hiring a professional house lifting contractor who will lift the house off its foundation, prior to loading it on a tractor using cranes and eventually transporting it to the intended location.

Choosing a House Lifting/ House Moving Contractor in Sayville, NY

Successful house lifting and moving does not come easy and to do this effectively, you will have to research for the best house moving company. Expertise plays a lead role while sourcing for one and you should seek for a house moving contractor that has done this a number of times to be in safe hands. Besides this, you should also remember that the whole lifting and moving process’ success will be defined by a host of factors such as skill, equipment and precision. You cannot afford to make a wrong decision while seeking for a house lifting company. Go the extra mile and check for customer reviews to ascertain satisfactory levels.




Kaiser Built – The House Lifting Company in Sayville, NY to Hire

Saying that Kaiser Built is the leading house lifting company in New York would be indeed an understatement. Our 25 years experience in the industry has seen us deliver successful lifting and moving application across the region leaving a trail of satisfied customers at it. The quality in our service is enhanced by the wonderful team that wields an extensive combined job experience alongside state of the art machinery that is capable of handling any task at hand. This is besides the fact that we are the most affordable house moving company in the region and for more information on how you can get the most competitive house lifting rates, contact us on 1-631-831-3801.


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