We at Kaiser Built utilize our own crew and trusted sub-contractors to handle everything from small renovations, to new home construction. Our expertise goes beyond average contracting, as we are experienced in jobs such as the raising and relocation of houses and buildings, whole home renovations, the use of unique materials, and much more. We can either give you an accurate proposal, or offer you a construction management approach for large scale projects. Both of which can be discussed in detail. Please feel free to contact us for information, references, or questions.
Kaiser Built is throughout Suffolk and Nassau counties for building beautifully designed custom homes, picture-perfect whole home renovations and distinctive commercial projects. We believe that building “green” is building “smart”, energy efficient, environmentally responsible and well designed residential and commercial buildings.

Top Tricks to Save Money on Home Construction

Home renovation or building from scratch, there are methods that will let you save money while still producing a job that is top-notch. The Long Island contractors at Kaiser Built try their best to reduce the cost of construction, but we rely on homeowners to truly be right in the mix with us. Taking charge alongside our general contractors will let you have deeper insight to the job and every situation and step we take along the way.

Our experienced Long Island contractors have identified three main ways homeowners can cut costs on home construction projects:
Be wise on what you spend money on
Look out for expensive mistakes
Affordable finishing structures



Perfect renovations

Why Kaiser Built you may ask. Well basically because we are project Management Company with a passion to fulfill our every customer’s needs.

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A general contractor is important in any construction project as they provide very essential services and solutions. A contractor specializes in providing project management solutions that ensure the project is successful.

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We offer solid construction solutions that might make your project management and managing less complicated. As such, you can opt to make us your general contractor for the best construction solutions.

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Our Featured Services


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Know Where You Can Cut the Cost

Cost cutting is good and it is suggested to do it wherever possible, but it should not make you pay a heavier amount in the future. Looking for the cheapest appliances often is not the right way. Instead, you should check for the reviews and perform a proper quality check. Sometimes the up-front budget may appear to be more, but it is better than having to go for more renovations over and over again. The only way to save on the construction is by optimizing the prices at every step of the construction. This is what every Long Island contractor at Kaiser Built follows and will advise homeowners, who always make the final decision.

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Look for Off-Season Construction

Like the other businesses, even the construction company in Long Island has their peak and slow time. So, if you are able to track the right time for construction, more than 10% can be saved. For Long Island builders, winter is assumed to be a slow season and you can get some great quotes around this period. Especially at the start of a new year, there can be some great discounts. So, consult a general contractor and inquire about how much you can actually save by choosing to have a project done during the off-season.

Plan According to Your Needs and Budget

A big plan needs a big budget. Think twice before deciding on the size of the project. The first consideration is calculating the construction and resale value. Look for how much space and what amenities are actually required and plan in accordance with it. Keep in mind, cutting back on the amount of space you choose to add or redo doesn’t mean you will cut out on luxury. Smart home innovations and home modeling techniques offered by the Long Island contractors at Kaiser Built can provide a luxurious lifestyle even in the tiniest spaces.

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