Looking for more space? Considering extending your home? If you are, then the services of a house lifting contractor will be what you need to consider getting. House lifting is the art of raising a home of the ground giving one the chance to either extend it, put in an additional floor or to just lift it giving it more clearance of the ground. This could prove to be handy if you are looking to get more space in your basement, repair a damaged foundation or better yet reinforce the already existing foundation. With such solutions, you are able to work on and improve your home without having to really take it apart.

However, it is important that you get a reliable house lifting company with the experience and expertise to get the job done right for the best results. House lifting is not a task to joke or play around with. In whole, lifting a home will determine its future stability and strength. Nonetheless, with professional house lifting solutions from a trusted company, it could make your home a better structure and more effective. As such it is important that you find the best house lifting contractor to handle the job.



House Lifting
House Lifting
House Lifting

House Lifting And Moving

At the same time, house lifting proves to be important when you are looking for an option that will let you relocate your whole home, the structure itself. House moving, as it is known, will require a home to be lifted off its foundation before it can be relocated. Once of the ground, cranes will be required to lift it on to tractors which will then transfer the whole structure to an entirely new location. But as it is, you need to ensure that you get a good and professional lifting specialist that has also proven to be a reliable house lifting contractor.

Choosing a House Lifting/House Moving Contractor In Blue Point, NY

When considering house lifting or moving the house lifting/house moving company that you choose that will greatly determine the eventual results. Thus, if you are looking to have a successful lifting or moving, you will need to ensure that you hire the right, and most successful house lifting company in town. You will need to ensure that you go for a specialist with the skill, the professionalism, the precision and the dedication required fulfilling this task. That company has to pass the litmus test and prove that it is able. Therefore, consider their experience in house lifting and moving, the solutions it has to offer, and what previous clients have to say about it.




Kaiser Built: The House Lifting Company In Blue Point, NY To Hire

When it comes to house lifting and moving, Kaiser Built is the ultimate house lifting company to contact. We are an experienced company with over 25 years in the industry. As a full service specialist, we are also the best house moving contractor to approach. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable house lifting and moving solutions, look no further.

The reason why we are considered the best in town is because we have the best house lifting crew in the state; a crew that has done home lifting and moving more times than we can count and are therefore is the best you can find. We also have the best equipment and tools required for the task. As such, you can rest assured that the stability and sanctity of your home is in the right hands by making us the house moving company of choice to handle the task. Great thing is that we are the most affordable company in the house moving and lifting industry today; offering you peace of mind and saving you tons of cash while getting the job done professionally.


Kaiser built installs all cesspool / septic systems
as well as new drywells. We can also repair and extend the capacity of your existing system


Kaiser Built is a full service general contractor
and project management provider. With over 25 years of combined experience


Kaiser Built collaborates with some of the finest architects and interior design professionals to build beautiful custom
homes tailored to our customer’s specifications


Our expertise in the art of demolition ensures
that we stand out from other removal demolition and construction companies.


We service many areas and have built our reputation and success upon satisfying our customer’s needs


We provide the best service for cleaning your
storm water systems and sanitary sewers in residential and commercial buildings.

For the best house moving and lifting solutions in Blue Point, Kaiser Built is surely the house lifting contractor to contact. Give us a call today and talk to us. Dial 1-631-831-3801 now and be on the right track of house lifting and moving.

Kaiser Built, building dreams.

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