With a reputation of being reliable and consistent, Kaiser Built has wide range of construction and construction related services that are designed to meet the growing needs of customers. We have assisted numerous customers by providing high quality customer service and a finish that is done to specification. We provide our East Moriches customers with expert advice and recommendations so that the best result of success for their projects is achieved.


Grease Trap Installation Services

A grease trap is used as a way to control the amount of grease that ends up in the drainage system. Grease in your drains can cause it to become clogged up which can lead to numerous issues with your drains. A clogged drain can cause your drains to have bad odor or might cause your water to be backed up. Grease in the drain goes untreated because it does not break down in water. Grease traps makes it easy to trap the grease and have it properly removed and disposed of. Professional grease trap installation done by qualified contractors from East Moriches are the most reliable way to make your drainage system run smoothly whether it is a residential or commercial installation that is being done.

Grease Trap Maintenance Services

In order for your grease trap to remain functioning, regular maintenance by a grease trap contractor is highly recommended. Regular grease trap cleaning is necessary as the grease has to be removed to that it can be properly disposed of. Our clients in East Moriches are given detailed guide on the functions of their grease trap, installation options and why maintenance is needed in order for them to make informed decisions.




Commercial or Residential Grease Trap Services

Whether you need the service for your home or business, Kaiser Built will guide you in the right decisions. We know the importance of having grease traps commercially installed, especially in restaurants and other areas where the drainage system might be susceptible to grease. We will ensure that our professional contractors, install, and handle cleaning and maintenance services so that you will never have to worry about drainage issues such as blockages.


Kaiser built installs all cesspool / septic systems
as well as new drywells. We can also repair and extend the capacity of your existing system


Kaiser Built is a full service general contractor
and project management provider. With over 25 years of combined experience


Kaiser Built collaborates with some of the finest architects and interior design professionals to build beautiful custom
homes tailored to our customer’s specifications


Our expertise in the art of demolition ensures
that we stand out from other removal demolition and construction companies.


We service many areas and have built our reputation and success upon satisfying our customer’s needs


We provide the best service for cleaning your
storm water systems and sanitary sewers in residential and commercial buildings.

If you are searching for a qualified grease trap contractor in East Moriches you will find the most seasoned professionals at Kaiser Built. We stand by our commitment to our clients and will always maintain only the highest standards. You too can enjoy having your project handled by a professional grease trap contractor by contacting Kaiser Built to learn more.