With more than 25 years handling numerous construction projects, Kaiser Built has been able to build a reputation of being one of the most recognized construction companies in Brightwaters. With Kaiser Built, you will be able to find a grease trap contractor that is highly experienced with the know-how to handle any project you have at hand. We have developed a range of services that meets the growing demands of clients who want a company that provides reputable construction and construction related services.


Why Do I Need a Grease Trap Contractor

Grease traps are designed to limit the amount of grease that ends up in your drainage system. Grease in your drainage can cause major issues such as blockages and foul odor. Once grease remains in your drainage pipes it cannot be treated and can stay there for a very long time causing your drain to become backed up. If you have a professional grease trap contractor handle your installations, you will never have to worry about issues with your drainage. Both residential and commercial installation options are available from our experts.

Professional Grease Trap Installation from Experts in Brightwater

Grease traps that are properly installed allow your home or business to function efficiently when it comes to your drainage. An experienced contractor will be able to provide advice about the installation options available such as greases traps that limit odors. As a leading grease trap company in Brightwater, clients in Brightwater know that we are reliable and consistent and always ensure that our expertise is adequately applied to projects.

Grease Trap Maintenance Services.

Maintaining your grease trap can mean anything from regular grease trap cleaning to having it checked for any existing issues that might cause it to worsen down the line. Regular maintenance is one key factor in making sure that the grease trap is cleaned and the trapped grease removed so that it can be disposed of properly. Grease build up in your system can cause it to emit a foul odor as well as make it stop functioning as it should.

You can get more details about grease trap installation and maintenance by contacting Kaiser Built in Brightwater. A qualified grease trap contractor will be more than happy to provide information about the options that you can consider for your home or business.