Kaiser Built is a leading fire restoration company that has spent more than 25 years covering the field construction for homes and businesses. We are innovative in that we cover all construction and related services for our clients in Eastport, including handling fire damage restoration services. From building your home starting at the ground up to offering services in remodeling and professional fire restoration, we have been able to provide all the necessary essential services to clients in Eastport.

Restore Damaged Items with a Professional Fire Restoration Company

It’s costly to replace your damaged items that have been destroyed. Knowing that you can have some of your items restored to their previous conditions through a reputable fire restoration company not only saves you money, but gives you a better sense of comfort knowing you can keep some of what remains of your precious belongings. Kaiser Built has experience in using professional water damage clean up techniques to assess the level of damage done to items and apply the right techniques to neutralize the smoke damage and get as many back as we possibly can to a suitable condition.

Construction Restoration Services in Eastport

Rebuilding a new home with the help of a water remediation company is without a doubt more costly than just having the damaged areas repaired. Kaiser Built will make sure that a water damage contractor who is skilled in all relevant areas of construction and can ensure that an assessment is done so that an estimate can be made to see how well your home can be repaired. We build your home so that the building is created with the same design as before, making you feel more comfortable.


Restoring Items to Post Fire Conditions with a Reliable Water Remediation Company

Having a great support system when you have experienced something as severe as a fire provides some sense of relief. Kaiser Built in Eastport responds quickly to your emergencies so that quick action can be taken with the water restoration process. The sooner you contact a water remediation company, the quicker we are able to come in and do an assessment. In the event of fire damage, there are numerous things to consider, such as the initial fire, soot damage, or smoke damage.

Black Mold Removal as a Result of Fire Damage

One uncomfortable aftermath of fire damage is having to deal with black mold removal. Mold growth occurs in places that have water damage such as your basement where numerous plumbing pipes are laid or in your bathrooms. Leaky pipes and humid conditions are a few of the leading conditions that contribute to the growth of mold leading to basement mold remediation. When water has been used to quell a fire, the area is left water soaked. If not dried properly, the area will become prone to the growth of mold spores. As a reliable mold remediation company, Kaiser Built knows how to properly handle removing mold growth in Eastport. Having a professional home mold removal company can help you to make your home a comfortable living space again.




Having mold growth in your home can be extremely uncomfortable. In addition to having walls that are unsightly to look at with the ugly back mold, the area will also be unsafe for those living in the home. Inhaling mold spores can cause respiratory problems and activate allergens. A professional mold remediation company should be able to get rid of and prevent mold growth.
You can get all the details on bathroom mold removal you need by contacting the top mold remediation company in Eastport. A professional mold removal contractor is waiting to hear from you. Get the information you need on commercial mold remediation, and we’ll let you know how we can help your situation.


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