Fire Restoration and Mold Removal Experts

Kaiser Built professionals know exactly how to help clients build or maintain their homes and businesses. We offer professional construction services to residential and commercial clients always ensuring that our customer service level is highly maintained. As one of the most sought after and reliable fire Restoration Company we guarantee that our professionals are highly trained and experienced when handling disastrous situations such as a fire or water damage.

Fire Restoration Company Putting Customers First

As a reliable fire restoration company Kaiser Built knows that being able to respond readily to emergencies as one of those qualities that have allowed us to stand out to our clients to provide professional fire restoration. The sooner a water remediation company is able to respond to damages, the better they will be able to render assistance and prevent any further damages from occurring. We have been able to create a reliable support system in place for those who have experienced a damaging fire or have water damaged and need help with the restitution process.
Kaiser Built provides all the services of a reputable home mold removal company to ensure that clients are taken care of by using expertise to help them get their lives back to normal again. A professional water damage contractor will be available to come in and do fire damage restoration services and ensure that the right course of action is taken so your home and contents can be restored. Whether they have been damaged by fire, smoke, soot or water, the number one water remediation company has the right professionals, who will use the best methods to get them back to acceptable conditions.


Mold Remediation Company You Can Rely On

Mold growth is almost always imminent when there has been a fire, especially if the water damage clean up was not properly handled. This is because the water that has been used to put the fire out can also leave damaging effect. If the area has not been dried properly, mold can easily take over. Mold leaves your walls looking unsightly and also presents unhealthy conditions such as mold spores which can be hazardous to one’s health. A professional mold remediation company guarantees that your home will feel clean and mold free after our professional mold removal contractor come in and handle all the issues that are immediate and impending.




Have Black Mold Removal Experts Get Rid of Your Mold

We handle residential and commercial mold remediation whether or not damage has occurred. Water damaged or not the only reason why you might suffer from mold growth and need a mold remediation company. Mold spores also grows on walls that are prone to having leaky pipes, in rooms that has poor circulation of air, or areas that are colder than the rest of your home such as your basement. Our bathroom mold removal and basement mold remediation expert understand the techniques needed for black mold removal and will advise you of preventative measures needed to put in place to prevent it from recurring.
You can find out more about the range of services being offered by Kaiser Built, including water restoration and mold removal by contacting the best water remediation company in Bellport. We are more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries that you might have about how to restore your home after a fire as well as how we can handle any mold growth so your home is clean and comfortable. Contact us today and let us start helping you.


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